So i noticed you are bored.
I am pretty bored myself.

I am male, 20, and I love everything about the ocean, water, swimming, and the sorts. I followed your blog because I have the biggest weakness for mermaids in the WORLD and I think that this may be something that you are interested in reading this, something that I found a little while back. 

It is an internet posting of Hans Christian Anderson’s original Little Mermaid story. I love it.  


Thanks! You’re great. I bookmarked it. I tried to read it but unfortionately my eyes are getting really heavy, and I have to be up early tomorrow. Which sucks because I don’t think I’ve read the original and even though I know it’s going to be sad I’ve always wanted to. thanks for following. You are awesome, totally worthy of the title merman. :) I promise I’ll be all over it tomorrow :D Thanks for keeping me entertained. So much love for people like you and the other girl who messaged me. <3

PS I’m adding other tags to this message so more people can read the original L=